Tulloch Caledonian Stadium

Ownership of the three stands at Tulloch Caledonian Stadium is set to pass back to the club thanks to the generosity of house builders, Tulloch Homes.

A management buyout of Tulloch Homes in March last year kick started the 18 months of planning that has culminated in today’s announcement.

Tulloch Homes Chief Executive, George Fraser, said: “An enormous amount of painstaking work has been undertaken within Tulloch Homes to enable us to make this offer.”

“We are hopeful that today’s announcement can be quickly formalised, putting the club on a firm financial footing from which we all expect it will continue to thrive.”

ICTFC Chairman, Kenny Cameron, commented: “Financially this offer from Tulloch Homes is an enormous gesture to a club of our size.  When George approached me to tell me what they were planning, I simply couldn’t believe it.”

“Tulloch’s have played a significant part in Caley Thistle’s fortunes over the last 15 years.  The building of the north and south stands, which allowed us to meet the criteria for promotion to the SPL, transformed the club.”

Mr Fraser added: “Inverness Caley Thistle are a true community club and at Tulloch Homes, as the largest local house builder, we consider ourselves an important member of the Inverness community” 

“As every Inverness Caley Thistle fan knows, Tulloch Construction built the north and south stands in just 47 days, bringing the current capacity to 7500.  That was over a decade ago and we completed the work we always hoped to one day be in a position where we could offer the stands to the club, enabling them to assume ownership and to safeguard the club’s future.”

Mr Cameron finished off by saying: “This gives us added confidence for the future and will enable us to look at investing in other aspects of the club.”

“It is a truly magnificent offer and I am sure I speak for all the fans, players and staff when I say that we are extremely fortunate to have Tulloch as a supporter.”