I am pleased to announce that our Season Tickets will go on sale online this weekend at 5pm on Friday 26th June and then will be available in person at the Stadium from Monday 29th June at 10am.

The Board of Directors and our CEO have had numerous in-depth discussions regarding how we deal with both the shorter SPFL Championship season 2020-21, and the curtailed season 2019-20. 

Our initial conversations led to my statement of last week, when we were one of the first clubs in Scotland to announce that next season’s tariff would be capped at 75% across every season ticket. Our new prices for 2020/21 are the lowest they have been for many years, in fact they have not been at this level for almost 20 years. They make a season ticket at ICT the most affordable professional football season ticket in the Highlands.

Like every other club in the country, we missed out on a small number of matches due to the campaign ending because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Throughout this crisis we have tried wherever possible to support both our fan base and our larger community, through essential shopping deliveries as lockdown began, to players delivering Miele’s Gelato and Subway sandwiches to the emergency services and others, alongside other outreach programmes from our Community Trust.  

We have a number of new community initiatives to roll out in the coming months.  We are now counting on that good will and I am specifically speaking personally to every single Caley Jag season ticket holder.  

Our prices for next season are outlined below and because of the price reductions we have put in place, it means a huge financial hit for the  club.  We, like every other club, tend to have our playing budget for the campaign dictated by our season ticket income.  In other words, the more we take in, the more we can support the manager. 

This season, the financial pressure on the club has increased. With the season tickets effectively discounted by 25% for next season, we are in the very challenging position where we can’t afford to take a ‘double hit.’ Therefore, I am asking you, our season ticket holders, to continue with your generous support in these most trying of times.  

I’m asking you to consider offering the shortfall from last season’s ticket as a donation to the Club. This would help both for next season and indeed the future security and success of our club. Every pound is a prisoner for us at the moment as I’m sure you will understand. Ceasing playing football at the beginning of March and not being able to resume until mid-October is crippling for us. I would note that should any of the initial one or two home games have to be played behind closed doors, season ticket holders will have exclusive access to watch the games live on a Caley Thistle online channel.

I understand, of course, that some of our loyal Caley Jags will equally have suffered real financial hardship throughout this period of lockdown, and if this is the case for any individual, I would urge you to contact us by 5pm this Friday and we will of course address the shortfall from last season accordingly. But as I say above, if it is at all possible we ask that you allow us to count the shortfall from last season as a donation to the club. 

Since my announcement on season tickets last week,  a number of fans have contacted us and asked if they could in fact continue to pay the full amount and not have the 25% reduction on last year’s prices. We have appreciated these very kind offers and will be adding ‘Donation’ buttons to both the online purchase option and to the in person sales at the stadium. Again, we thank all who choose to help in this way. You will be making a real difference. 

We never have and never will, take your support for granted, and my pledge to you is to do our absolute best to have a club and a team to make us all proud. We have a very bright future ahead of us here at the Caledonian Stadium but only if we manage to get through this very difficult period by making the right decisions and with your continued backing. 

Thank you in advance for your continued support. 

Together we can do this.


Ross Morrison



Season Ticket Prices 2020/21

Stand AdultSenior Citizen16-25JuniorUp to 12Disabled Carer 
Main£  246.00  £ 199.00 £ 179.00 £ 81.00  £ 46.00 £0
North£ 208.00  £ 137.00 £ 125.00  £ 68.00  £0           £0