Fixture Info

Inverness CT v Raith Rovers

21st November 2020

3pm kick-off

Scottish Championship

Saturday’s Scottish Championship clash against Raith Rovers will be available for £10 to non-season ticket holders

How to Watch: ICTFC v Raith Rovers


There you will see the upcoming matches available on a PPV basis, you can then select the match you wish to buy.

Match streams typically become available 30 minutes before kick-off.

SPFL Match Centre FAQs

Q: What is the SPFL Match Centre?

A: The SPFL Match Centre is an on demand video service, ran centrally by the SPFL in conjunction with their partner StreamAMG. The objective of the platform is to boost the profile of the Scottish Championship at an international level.

Q: What will be available on the SPFL Match Centre?

A: All Scottish Championship matches will be available on the platform internationally. However, whilst restrictions are in place around supporters attending Scottish football stadiums, Championship clubs have the option to use this platform domestically. This means that all fans within the UK & Ireland will also have the option to watch home matches of their desired club, should their club opt in to the platform.

Clubs will also have the option to upload additional footage – highlights, interviews, classic matches etc.

All live matches available on the platform are broadcast from a Pixellot camera, one of which has been installed at each Scottish Championship ground. A Pixellot camera is a single unit which has been installed in a central location. This unit stiches together footage from three cameras (next to each other within the one unit) in to one single feed. The camera is unmanned and uses ball tracking technology. These cameras will produce 1080p (HD) footage and will come with commentary.

Q: Who is entitled to access the SPFL Match Centre?

A: Inverness CT have opted into the domestic element of the Stream OTT, meaning that season ticket holders will receive a complimentary log in (as part of their season ticket) which will give them access to view all home matches on the platform.

Domestic non-season ticket holders will also have the option to view Inverness CT matches at Caledonian Stadium on the platform, this will be priced at £10 per match.

International fans will be able to purchase season long passes to the platform, for their desired club or for the division as a whole.

Q: I am having issues with my match feed, who do I contact?

A: Please contact who will be able to confirm if there is an issue with the broadcast, if there is an issue with your individual connection this support email address will be able to walk through troubleshooting steps.

If you are having any issues with the platform in general out with live match feeds, please contact Gianluca Rossi: