Congratulations to young Natalie Christie who became the first Gaelic announcer at Caledonian Stadium last Saturday for our game against Alloa.

Natalie comes from Inverness and attends Culloden Academy and her Gaelic Teacher, Hazel MacRae, was there to help her. One of ICTFC’s resident announcers Keith Abernethy was also on hand to help Natalie with the Tannoy equipment. 

Although Natalie felt a little nervous to begin with she soon got in to the swing of things and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Keith was impressed with how quickly Natalie was at ease with what she had to do. Also in the stand were Natalie’s parents Dawn and Steve and her older sister Anya who were all very proud of how she performed.

ICTFC are looking at making this a regular feature of our matchday experience and we have been in dialogue with the UHI and the local Academy’s about the provision of pupils and students to provide the service. With the Royal National Mod coming to Inverness this year the club are in talks with An Comunn Gaidealach and other Gaelic entities about what else they can do to engage with the Gaelic community.

Look out for updates on the clubs news page. Alasdair Barnett, who is the convenor of this years Royal National Mod, was also on hand to congratulate Natalie on her historical performance. Well done Natalie.