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Dear Supporters

With an IRN BRU Cup semi-final to look forward to on Sunday I thought it was a good time to give you an update of things happening at the club.

The timing of our game against Crusaders of Northern Ireland – 5.15pm on Sunday – is not ideal and I have written to Ian Blair, Secretary/Operations Director of the SPFL, to record our concerns. That said, the SPFL agreement with BBC Alba dictates the kick off and we are where we are.  I know the players would really appreciate your support in Sunday’s game.   Getting to a final would be a great achievement and give us all a huge lift as we continue our goal of getting into the play offs and promotion to the Premier League.

Our next home game is against Morton on Saturday 24 February.  This is the date of the 24th anniversary of the formation of the club and it is an appropriate time for us to launch plans to celebrate our 25thanniversary. This provides some exciting opportunities and we would welcome any ideas from the fans as to how best to mark this milestone in the Club’s history.

ICTFC suffered a loss of £422,000 in the last financial year and at the annual general meeting on18 December 2017, we reported that substantial new investment (comprising some cash, higher sales and shares purchase) is required in 2018 to sustain our business.  In recent months, we have been actively seeking new investment from potential investors and sponsors, and are making good progress on achieving our targets, and will keep you posted.

To generate more income, we are working hard on a new marketing plan, which includes offering the Naming Rights to the stadium as well as actively promoting new initiatives on advertising, sponsorship, hospitality and retail activities.

Another key issue in helping unlock investment is finalising the “gift” to the club from Tulloch Homes of the transfer of the lease for the stadium as well as the North and South Stands.  The club is also to be granted access to the surrounding car parks for the immediate future..  We are grateful to Tulloch for the gift and are actively working with them to finalise the terms of the necessary legal documentation. This matter is scheduled for consideration and approval by the Highland Council later this month.  This deal, when concluded, will considerably strengthen our balance sheet as well as providing a further boost in attracting additional investment.

So, all in all we are making solid progress and the hard work being dedicated by everyone at the Club is beginning to pay dividends.  Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to you getting behind the team in Sunday’s semi-final.