ICTFC Goalies Mark Ridgers, Cammy Mackay and Daniel Hoban surprised pupils at Auldearn Primary School on Thursday when they turned up to take part in their Beat the Goalie competition. 

Jane Watt from the school said “I am the Primary 7 teacher and each year around this time my class embarks upon our annual “Enterprise Week”, which is when the Primary 7 pupils spend a week selling products and activities they have created, planned and made all by themselves in order to raise funds for their Summer Camp. It is a hugely anticipated event at our school and this year we are trying to raise £1000.”

“I contacted ICTFC to see if they could donate a prize for our Beat the Goalie competition.” 

The Beat the Goalie competition, which was running all week, was thought up and co-ordinated by two young football mad pupils Brandon Le Brocq and Finn Ross. As well as donating a prize ICTFC came up with an idea about sending along their Goalies fresh from their training ground at nearby Fort George. The visit was kept a secret from the pupils including Brandon and Finn.

Jane added “We would like to thank ICTFC for making this visit possible. The kids had an absolute ball, the Goalies were brilliant and we raised lots of money towards our goal of £1000”