The Chairman of the club Ross Morrison and the Board of Directors would like to invite Caley Thistle fans, shareholders and sponsors to an open meeting regarding the club’s Battery Farm application on this coming Wednesday 6th March 2024 at 7pm in the Highlander Lounge at the Caledonian Stadium.

The Chairman said in advance of the meeting, “Having spoken on numerous occasions in the past re the critical importance of this project to our entire future, including most recently in person at the last ICTST open meeting, and following the bewildering behaviour of certain Highland Councillors in seeking to overturn a democratically lawful decision to award the club with planning permission for the ICT Battery Farm, I feel we must enlighten our fans re just what has been going on in relation to this most crucial matter and I will answer all and any questions relating to the Battery Farm after we give our presentation and I hope as many folk as possible can attend”.

The meeting will be lead by Ross with the club’s full board and CEO also in attendance.

The meeting will consist of a full presentation from the Chairman giving the latest on the club’s Battery Farm application with an open question and answer session following the presentation for those in attendance.