Following an incredibly constructive period of communication and consultation between the Chairman, CEO, Board of Directors, Academy Director and Academy players parents, the club is delighted to be able to announce that the parents of the Academy players have stepped up and answered our appeal to support the club financially, with over 90% of them signing up to the club’s voluntary donation scheme.

This will allow the club to continue to participate in the SFA’s Project Brave at the Performance Progressive level. On the back of this fantastic news, the Chairman has been approached by one businessman who has said he is prepared to donate a five figure sum, as the parents donation scheme while enormously welcome, only covers a certain amount of the costs related to Project Brave.

A number of other businessmen and women have similarly indicated that they are willing to look at a financial contribution to the Academy we have been so proud of in the recent years. The socially distanced parents meetings which were held last week with all 7 age groups represented, were said to be emotional by Chairman Ross Morrison and CEO Scot Gardiner.

Speaking this afternoon, the Chairman said: “In my time on the Board, this is probably the most emotional I have been re any part of our plans to turn the fortunes of the club around. The pandemic has put enormous pressure on us all at the club and the financial consequences have been staring us in the face and on our bank balance for months.”

“Scot and I were determined to exhaust every avenue to keep the professional football dreams of highland boys from Inverness and beyond alive. I would like to sincerely thank the parents for answering our cri de coeur.”

“We will now focus our efforts to take up some of the additional kind offers made by parents and business people alike. The spirit of TogetherNess has been shown to be alive and well again at Caledonian Stadium.”