As the city’s senior football club, we feel a responsibility to ensure that our loyal senior citizen fans are supported as best we can during this very difficult time for the country and especially because of the ongoing disruptions and restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  

In the first instance, the Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors are particularly keen to support our senior citizen Season Ticket holders who may be feeling isolated or vulnerable during the extremely challenging time.

It is a fact that at ICTFC, a very large percentage of our Season Ticket holders are senior citizens and as they have shown us amazing support in the past, it is only right that we try and return some of that support.  

To that end, we’re today announcing the launch of ICT TogetherNess.  We’d like to call on anyone, be they football fans or businesses, to help us ‘support our supporters’ by donating ANY of the following items, which all require to be unopened:-

Food essentials

Beans, rice, pasta, nuts, tinned goods including fruit and vegetables, snacks and confectionary, tea and coffee

Household essentials

Soap, sanitizer, toilet paper, surface wipes, baby wipes

We will then create food and household parcels to be be delivered to our senior citizen supporters by Manager John Robertson, our Players, Management and Staff to help them through these difficult times and if they do not require any help themselves, they can pass it on to someone they know who may need it.  

We would like to emphasise, even if you can only donate one or two of the items, be it a single toilet roll or a packet of rice, all donations will be very welcome and will go towards helping another in our community. The club will begin by donating over £1000 of essentials. 

The Main Reception at Caledonian Stadium will be open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday to accept donations and to ensure that we also continue to support our partners and the local business community, we will publicly thank any companies who help to support this campaign through our various online channels.   

It is our aim to extend this programme to the larger community going forward and we have already spoken to one Food Bank to look at  the possibility of some joined up thinking and deliveries but we need to get up and running first.  

Manager John Robertson said: “At this very difficult time, everyone at ICTFC believes that we must do our best to make a difference to the lives of our fellow Highland citizens and the football club can be the hub to help make that difference.”

Our City, Our Supporters, Our Community,  – ICT TogetherNess