The club has seen the best and worst of people in the last couple of days.

Unfortunately, some very unsavoury characters have both committed theft and attempted to commit theft in the external areas of the Caledonian Stadium and the same has happened with some of our near neighbour businesses. Fortunately we have excellent CCTV and Police Scotland are now investigating these incidents and we have also stepped up our vigilance with regards to our CCTV system in the areas under attack. 

It is particularly shameful that we have such scavengers during these difficult times for all Highland businesses who are fighting hard to maintain some form of normality for our hard working community. 

On the incredibly positive side of humanity, we have had Caley Jags fans and even a Ross County Director hand in goods which will be distributed to our local community, particularly those who are self-isolating as part of our new TogetherNess campaign. We are hugely appreciative of such kindness and solidarity, as will those who receive the goods be. 

Some fans have been so generous from further afield and have even bought food and supplies on Amazon with the delivery address being Caledonian Stadium. We will be thanking everyone in person and online wherever possible in the coming difficult days.

Incredibly, we have also had two fans walk into the Stadium this week with the most generous of donations towards the upkeep of the club. Both ladies, one made a very kind 3 figure donation and the second who is a 25 year-long supporter paid us a stunning five figure sum.

Both of these amazing gestures are appreciated beyond words as the club is currently under huge financial pressure and both have gone some way to restoring our faith in humanity. Our faith in our supporters has never waivered. 

Stay safe and keep the faith.