Kim Little Centre

We have changed our Kim Little Soccer Centre from a Tuesday to a Thursday. This centre is only for girls aged 5-8 years old. Women’s football is on the rise and we have a class just for girls. This class is aimed at improving the different aspects of football, such as passing, dribbling and shooting. We aim to improve each girls individual skill and to help they understand the game better through fun drills and small sided games. For more info please visit or call the Trust on 07754 609425

February in-service

Our February in-service camps are coming soon! The 3 day course will be full of fun and competitive activities for kids aged 5-12 years old. We look to work on passing, dribbling and shooting in different types of drills. This is also done through small sided games where kids will get plenty touches of the football. For those who want to attend we have morning slots from 10am-11.30am, then our afternoon slots from 12.30pm-2pm or you can sign up to the whole day experience from 10am-2pm where we will stop for an hours lunch for the kids to refuel. For more info please visit or call the Trust on 07754 609425

CHAS Event

This past Saturday we held the childrens section of the Sneckie Insomnia Tournament at the Inverness Leisure Centre. We had kids from our weekly courses, as well as our academy players along to take part in two hours of non stop football. The event is organised by the Inverness Businesses Fives group which plays five-a-side football each Thursday evening at Millburn Academy. After the kids it was the adults turn to play through the night. Well done to all who took part and raised money for a great cause.