Daviot Healthy Hearts Visit

We have our first of four visits this week to Daviot Primary School for the healthy hearts programme. The Healthy Hearts project is a way to introduce healthy living to kids in schools. We have visited Primary Schools throughout the Highland area utilising a Healthy Heart Grant from Heart Research UK & Subway.  It is designed uniquely to innovatively track each individual’s reaction to exercise/diet by exploring the demands placed upon the heart through physical activity. We will be putting the kids through their paces with lots of different exercises with and without a football. They will not just work on their cardio but also their muscular endurance in each workout. To make this more fun for the kids taking part, they will be doing their exercise to music. 

Crown Visit

After a month at Hilton, we are now back on Mondays at Crown Nursery for our Nessie Soccer Skills sessions. In January we had been working with Crown to deliver fun sessions aimed at kids 3-4 years old. Through these sessions we look to use our imagination with a football and relate it to fun activities such as kicking, dribbling and catching, as well as movement and improving co-ordination. We look forward to more of our visits to Crown.

Hilton Month Finished

Our February was full of sessions at Hilton Primary School, taking the classes for football. During this month we had classes from P1-7 to work on the different skills that it takes to play football. As a lot of kids may not of played football before, we made sure to challenge them even if it was their first time playing or they had played before. Thank you to all the kids and staff at Hilton for making the visit so enjoyable.