ICT in the Community Trust are starting FFIT up again and we are looking for men and women who are looking to lose weight after the festive period. Christmas is always a time of year to eat and celebrate. So this is a great way to lose those extra pounds put on whilst exercising with like minded people.

The classes will be starting on Monday 20th January 2020 at 7pm for both the men and women’s class. We have been running Football Fans in Training since 2010 and it’s funded by The Scottish Government in partnership with The SPFL Trust.

The 13 week course which is FREE is aimed at tackling men’s and women’s health issues and is run throughout all the SPFL Clubs.

The sessions are not just focussed on exercise but also learning about how to live a healthy lifestyle. We look at weight management, Healthier Lifestyle and improving your general health. This is done by splitting the course 50/50 with 45 minutes theory work in the stadium and 45 minutes outside doing physical activity based on your own ability.

Over the past few years the FFIT participants have a weight loss of over a tonne in weight which is a fantastic effort by all who have taken part. If you FFIT the requirements below then come along and try it out:

  • 35-65 years old
  • BMI of 28+
  • Waist of 38+ inches
  • Must not have completed previously

This course is completely free so if this is something you are interested in and want to try to improve your health with like minded individuals then phone 07754 609425 or email us at craig.masterton@icttrust.org.uk