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Caley Thistle Fan, Sandy White, has very kindly provided us with the attached pictures from his recent spell volunteering in Africa.  It’s great to see the kids enjoying the t-shirts etc we provided him to take over.

Community Child Development Orphanage is a registered charity that was started by Dan Wagidoso, a fine artist, after realizing the suffering of many helpless orphan kids in Buyobo sub county, Sironko District in Uganda.

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The project promoters purchased land to build an orphanage home and a nursery and primary school. The project has 100 orphan kids to cater for and 4 of them are disabled.

Dan grew up seeing orphaned children on the sides of the road in his community. Their faces stayed in his mind while he was away at school and when he came home he wanted to find a way to support them and give them a loving home. He started by taking them into his own home. When there was no more room, he rented another home so he could help more children. He also mobilized his community to help even more children, all of whom had been orphaned due to the pandemic of HIV/Aids in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Now,after ten years of caring for the orphans in his community, he is responsible for 100 children. He has arranged homecare for most of the children within his community. However, about 30 children still live at the orphanage. Adjacent to the orphanage is the school he founded where all of the kids in the community attend to receive a quality education.

For more information about the orphanage and the school, please visit us at

We also have a wonderful volunteer program for those who would like to come visit us in person. Please go to for more information.