In football parlance, we have certainly arrived at the business end of what has been a roller coaster season.

From winning our League Cup group way back in July, through the worst run of serious injuries ever seen here at Caledonian Stadium, dramatic Scottish cup wins against Premiership opposition and bizarrely, even one Scottish Cup loss in the same run through to another historic appearance in the semi-final at Hampden next Saturday.

The recent incredible consecutive run of victories Billy Dodds and the players have put together to take us to 3rd place with only two games to go has been a mix of skill, excitement and sheer bloody mindedness when refusing to lose when that has been the most obvious outcome has been the most inspirational thing for me in the last few weeks. From everyone I have spoken to, I know that has been the case for so many other Caley Jags fans too.

We have now sold more than 3,000 tickets for our Scottish Cup tie, a brilliant feat considering the early kick-off in Glasgow and all of the hassles and restrictions that brings but now we know that when the boys run out, they will see and hear a raucous Highland sea of red, blue and black!

With league leaders Dundee heading to Caledonian Stadium this Saturday, accompanied by the largest away support we have seen this season, I am appealing to our fans to come out in force to support Billy and the team as well. It would give them such a boost after two gruelling trips to Cove and Hamilton and with the game now taking on added significance following the run of wins, it could make such a difference to everyone.

It is a huge game for both clubs and all of our previous three matches v Dundee this season have been hard fought, this one will be no different and with everything else taken into consideration, a rowdy Highland support could make all the difference.

In closing, I want to thank everyone for their support so far this season, it is hugely appreciated but if things go our way and we stick together, a truly historic finish to our both league and cup campaigns is still possible.

Tickets for this Saturday’s game against Dundee & our Scottish Cup Semi-Final against Falkirk on April 29th available from

Ross Morrison