We would like to make supporters aware of the following information ahead of this Saturday’s Betfred Cup match against Cove Rangers.

We’re looking forward to getting the season underway and would like to inform fans about free shuttle buses that will be running from the Caley Club and Railway Terrace to the stadium for the match.

This is due to the fact there will be limited parking spaces available at the stadium, as one of the car parks is currently being used by the circus until Tuesday 17th July. Additional car parking has been kindly made available within the Scottish Provincial Press (SPP) Car Park. Please respect SPP’s property if using this facility.

The Shuttle Buses will operate on a loop system taking fans to the stadium from the Caley Club and Railway Terrace from 1:00pm onwards on Saturday, and will be in operation post-match as well. The post-match time may change if the match finishes as a draw and goes to penalties so as to ensure supporters are able to see the conclusion of the match.

Details of the free shuttle buses are:


Caley Club             1300     1350    1430

Railway Terrace       1310      1400    ——

Stadium                  1320      1410    ——

Caley Club.             1330      1420    ——


Railway Terrace         1300      1410     ——

Stadium                    1310       1420    ——

Caley Club                 1330      1430    ——

Railway Terrace          1340      1440    ——

Stadium                     1350      1450   ——

Supporters should also be aware that Saturday’s match is the first with our new ticketing system so we ask everyone to bear with us and remain patient when entering the ground. Thanks for your excellent support and we hope to see as many as you as possible this Saturday for the start of the new season.

If you do have to take your car with you on Saturday, please leave yourself more time than usual as there are likely to be delays.