Witness the remarkable voice of Andrea Bocelli as he performs at the Caledonian Stadium on Friday July 1st 2022 as part of his Believe World Tour. Highland music lovers will for the first time experience the remarkable voice of the Italian Tenor who has been called ‘The Tenor Of Our Time’.

Andrea will perform with a full orchestra and choir and will be accompanied by a soprano and other guest artists to be announced.

Andrea Bocelli said: “It will be more than a concert: it will represent a personal joy for me, an important debut of my mature career. It will give me the huge privilege to take my voice to one of the most fascinating places on earth, full of history, beauty and poetry. After these long and complex three years that have shaken all humanity, going back to the UK will be incredibly emotional: the returning sunshine after the storm. As in the words of the popular ballad I already feel like “My heart’s in the Highlands!”