Healthy Hearts School Visits – Now Completed

The Healthy Hearts project is a way to introduce healthy living to kids in schools. We have visited Primary Schools throughout the Highland area utilising a Healthy Heart Grant from Heart Research UK & Subway.  It is designed uniquely to innovatively track each individual’s reaction to exercise/diet by exploring the demands placed upon the heart through physical activity over a certain amount of weeks.

The Health Hearts project is fitness based classes and no football skills or experience is required. This makes it ideal for all ages and abilities to track their own results and scores so they are their own opponent. They are able to try out equipment such as a heart rate monitor to track these results.

We have delivered to 367 children across 13 schools motivating the children with the stimulus of music and a variety of routines, coupled with our Heart Health & Fitness diary which is taken home and completed between sessionswith the help of a parent/guardian. This helps involving them in the choices their child makes, with the additional benefit of getting their buy in to the project, which is key to our outcomes.

The project has been summed up by one head teacher: “This was magnificent and one of the best sports inputs I have came across in my career.”

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