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Stadium Advertising:
There are many areas around the ground that can accommodate advertising boards, from the trackside to the roof. Below are just a few examples of what we have to offer. We would be delighted to show you around the stadium to see these boards first hand and assist you to choose your preferred location.

Trackside Advertising:
These boards run along the Main Stand and can be seen by everyone in the North, South and West Stand. The main benefit of these boards however is the TV coverage that your company would receive. Your static board is visible for all non-live games and can easily be seen on the varous highlights shown on TV and YouTube. For live TV games, your company would also be allocated space on the LED Boards system which runs the whole length of the pitch. These boards range from 4metre to 6 metres in length and are 750mm deep.

Goal Line Advertising:
Located alongside each goal, these advertising sites are the ideal way to promote your company to people inside the Stadium and also to the hundreds of thousands of fans watching on television, whether the game is being shown live on ESPN, BBC Alba or Sky or highlights. These popular boards are 4metres long x 600mm tall.

North & South Stand Roof:
Why limit your advertising to Matchdays? These boards are highly visible to the football crowd of around 4000 people every second week but they also have the added benefit of being seen by passing vehicles on the Kessock Bridge (around 35,000 vehicles daily). These boards measure 10metre x 750mm.

West Stand Trackside:
An exceptionally cost effective way to promote your company and support the club. These boards face the Main Stand. They are perfect for promoting your company to our fan base as they can be seen by everyone inside the Stadium. These boards vary in length from 4metres to 6 metres.


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